Monday, 13 June 2011

Sci Fi in Stirling!

Have you ever been frustrated when your friends can't seem to understand that Star Wars and Star Trek aren't the same thing? Have you ever thrown a mighty strop at work because your colleagues don't comprehend why Spider-man and Superman can't be buddies? Do you come to blows with your bestest bud over Stargate? Are you frequently asked "why do you collect all that crap?" I have the answer to all these problems and more - GET NEW FRIENDS!

For a while now I've been ruminating on the possibility of a science fiction and fantasy society for the good people of olde Stirling towne and the surrounding locales, and so I'd like to get an idea of what sort of interest there would be. I'm not thinking anything painfully formal, but a relaxed meeting of like minded people, getting together every so often [weekly? Fortnightly? Monthly?] in one of the coffee shops or pubs to talk about all manner of sci fi shenanigans. We could expand into movie/gaming nights, a book group, trips to the cinema with a pit stop for food action, and maybe road trips to cons. It would be like Paul! ...with 100% less Sigourney, sadly.

If this strikes you as a fantastic/mediocre/truly horrendous idea, please do let me know, I'd love to know if this is a possibility. Scribble in the comments, or drop me an email!

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  1. Count me in! (I can be Sigourney for any road trips)